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0C9A6582 copy.jpg
install view, 2022
soft congee, still waters, blown glass, cast iron radiator, rice, millet, round PVC pipes, lemon cream cracker, glazed tile and monkey tail cactus. 36 x 50 × 33 inches, 2022
VA_ART_WU_YIXUAN_things to do copy.jpg
things to do, wood, curtain fabric, hardware, telephone cord, dried flower, enoki mushroom and glazed ceramic vase, dimensions variable, 2022
something beyond the dearest daydreams, blown glass, bubble cushioning wrap, aluminum frame, glide ball, found garment; 26 × 30 x 12 inch, 2022
things to undo, wood, curtain fabric, stainless steel chain locks, 12 x 12 x 1 inch, 2022
D11 copy.jpg
detail view, 2022
2022_Columbia_MFAThesis_Floor6_091 copy.jpg
detail view, 2022
a swell in the drape, blown glass, hair brush, hair, latex, coat rack, soft tape measure, enoki mushroom, rice, millet, dry grout, concrete and wood. 62 ×20 ×8 inch, 2021
VA_ART_WU_YIXUAN_things to undo_B copy.jpg
Isle II, blown glass, dishwashing scrub sponge. 12 x 16 x 9 inch, 2022
2022_Columbia_MFAThesis_Floor6_093 copy.jpg
isle I, glass, microfiber comforter, dry grout and concrete; 15 × 26 × 12 inch, 2022
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